Why $1000?

Why $1000? The majority of Canadians will be receiving $1000 a month from CPP as well as OAS. This number doesn’t take any account any money received from CPP, investments or savings. This number also allows you to see what life would be like at this budgetary level.

Define “Best Country”?

Factors include, health and safety. How are the hospitals and how good are they? What’s the cost of living really like? What can you do for fun here?  Do they speak English?

Work or a beach hanging out? WHAT WOULD YOU RATHER DO?


  • Can it be done for $1000?
  • Is it safe and clean?
  • Do they speak English?
  • How’s the food and entertainment ?
  • Are there hospitals nearby of good quality?

Air bnb best countries to retire cheap


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