1. Before you go on your grand adventure ask yourself if you’re ready for the problems and irritating issues you are going to have.
      • It’s 430 am in the morning and I almost had my adventures end before they even started.
      • I bought a one way ticket to Bangkok with the plans of travelling to Cambodia by taxi before my 30 day time line was up.
      • Wrong! I don’t know when this changed but Air Canada REQUIRES proof that you are planning to leave Thailand in 30 days before they let you fly over. It’s not just Air Canada though, certain governments do require this.
      • No amount of explaining or cajoling worked . They told me “you may not have a problem with it , but we do” when I tried to explain that I was planning on taking a regional flight to leave within the time limit. No dice.
      • I was forced to buy a ticket on the spot ! Buying a ticket with my Amex with an iPad while watching the timer on my departure flight tick was “Amazing Race” stressful.
      • And to make it worse my Amex was thinking because it’s a strange international charge they didn’t authorize it. I had to call them collect and say “yes this is a real charge”

      Now imagine doing this all in a foreign country. And that they don’t speak English.

      Could you do it? Could you mentally do it without losing it? And are you ready to really have this adventure? I’m doing it and hope you, my faithful readers do too, just be prepared . The best countries to retire cheap are waiting but it might be an adventure figuring it out.