Retirement in Bangkok for $1000 a month is the goal! May 1 2016, I land in Bangkok.

First I started with searches on AGODA

The very first place I found was $4 a night. That’s correct. $4. There are over 21 places that were $10 and under per night. This isn’t a private villa with a pool and a butler by any means, but still that’s what I could find while searching the internet in Canada. Are there better deals to be had in Bangkok, that might not be advertised?

I’ll find out!

One tip I always give to my fearless readers is don’t book your complete trip over the internet . Book a few days and then explore around looking for hotels or places to stay that you might not have considered.

My first place I booked was at the Overstay Hostel.

There was no benefit to booking a longer stay than two days (that’s a perfect amount of town if you want to see if the accommodations you’ve booked online is great or not so good)

Here’s what it would cost if you stayed 30 days here

bangkok retire cheap

$246.79  for a month of stay in Overstay hostel in Bangkok

I showed up at the overstay hostel, and got a nasty surprise. My cab driver couldn’t find it, and the phone was disconnected. I wound up in a panic (I was so tired after a 20 hour flight). I had the cab driver find me a different place to stay. It wound up being $30(1000 thb). This really was not in my planned $1000 budget. If I stayed here it would cost $900 in just hotel rooms.

The next day I looked at the other places that were in my budget, and found that the cheap prices were mainly for dormitory style bunk beds. That’s not I had in mind for a place to stay. Read more of the travel blog to find out how my first month in Thailand ends.