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As you know I’ve had a great time in Chiang Mai , and after being here for 2 weeks I can definitely see myself living here. It’s one of my top choices for being the best country to retire cheap.

The area I’ve been looking in and living in is by the university, so not really any tourists. Unlike Bangkok, there aren’t near as many hookers, tailors or massage places. The prices for places to live here are significantly cheaper as well. The place I’m staying in costs on average $10 a night (300 thb). It’s pretty fantastic but really more of a day to day kind of place.

I went looking for an apartment today to see what they were like and the prices. One I found randomly was right across from the market I have been going to for my morning congee.

The prices I found were right in line with what I was hoping for.

The photo I have up top is one of the studio rooms, so about $300 (9000 thb) a month.

One thing that is cool is the free wifi. Water and electricity a month is pretty reasonable as well. The biggest cost foe electricity is air conditioning in Asia. I’m currently paying for 1 week water and electricity where I’m staying so I’ll be able to tell you more when I check out.

Did you notice bed linens and maid service? 2000 thb is $60. While it may seem low to you in Canada or abroad, it really eats into my $1000 a month budget. $30 (1000 thb) for maid service every other week seems fantastic though! I guesssss I can live with maids every 2 weeks…sigh.


  • Massage/Spa: around the corner $10 (300 thb)
  • Food vendors: tons $1-2 (30-60 thb)
  • Gym: 10 minute walk $2 (60 thb)
  • Movie theatre : none
  • Hospital : 10 minutes walk
  •  Pharmacy: around the corner
  • 7-11: Every 15 feet
  • Mango stands: none
  • Taxi/bus: horrible Chiang Mai jeep things

I love the location and will definitely recommended it.