Waking up to the sounds of the city, I venture out for breakfast. Street vendors and carts line the waking streets of the sukumvit area I am staying in. It’s hot and humid. My camera lens immediately fogs up. Using my Spider-Man under armour shirt to wipe off the lens I get some great shots of the early morning. The Spider-Man shirt is drawing a lot of attention! Random people are literally yelling Spider-Man and giving me the universal web shooter symbol.( I definitely did not get the same attention with the Batman shirt. )

breakfast in bangkok, cheap places to live, best countries toretire cheap, 10 places to retire cheap, places to reire for $1000, cheap countries to reire in, cheap places to live travel blog Breakfast street carts are everywhere. Breakfast consists of things like pre packaged sandwiches (like you can find at gas stations), bbq meat skewers, congee, rice, and juice carts.

The great thing is it all costs $1 or less (30 thb)That’s right! 1 dollar!!!!

I grab a skewer of bbq chicken (30 cents) , and one container of sticky rice with crispy bbq pork ($1)

The bbq chicken has a honey glaze and is succulent and juicy. The rice dish reminds me of the sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf from Chinese dim sum. The bbq pork is crunchy and sweet with a nice fattiness. I’d say this bbq pork is the best I’ve ever eaten!

Besides the carts there are  7-11 stores everywhere. )Literally every 2 blocks.) That’s where I get my morning coffee Nescafé ($1). You can also get bottles of water here (30 cents).

Bangkok street food breakfast cost in total $2.60 (100 thb). A great value , super delicious and convenient!