fly first class best countries to retire cheap.
I’m wearing the brand new fuzzy socks that came in my first class amenities kit while perusing the wine and food pairings that will be my meal later. It’s difficult to make a choice because it all looks great, and I keep getting interrupted. “Oh a nice wet refreshing towel ? Ok ! “And now here comes the mimosas, and what newspaper do I want.  “Why of course I’ll take a little fruit and nut sampler.” No bag of pretzels thrown at your head in first class.

This is all before the plane even departs! My mind is blown. The crazy thing is that this is on Air Canada whose unofficial motto is “We’re not happy till your unhappy.” I usually avoid Air Canada at all costs. Horrible seats, worse service and just plain bad attitudes. I’d rather go to a child’s birthday party after trying to find parking at West Edmonton mall (Canada’s largest mall) then take Air Canada normally.

air canada first class best places to retire cheap blogThe first class experience starts before you get on the plane. You get to use the maple leaf lounge which has printers, charge ports, computers and free meals.

They start breakfast at 930 am, 11am for lunch, and 4pm is dinner. It’s all you can eat buffet style and the number one most important thing is that at 10am the free booze is available. That’s right Johnny walker, Guinness, Captain Morgan’s or just a little Irish in your coffee all unlimited and free.

A good drink takes away all the stress of that pre boarding screening nonsense. Take away my water bottle at security? Hah, I’m going to get a new one filled with scotch in 10 feet!

free booze best countries to retire cheap
After being completed pampered in the lounge you can then get onto your airplane during the preboarding call. I think this mainly so that you don’t have to accidentally get in contact with the common people. Us fancy folks gotta keep separate ya know?

Speaking of fancy how much is this first class or business class experience? How does $10000 sound? When I was looking at the prices I saw this and really had  to shake my head. I love my complementary Brie cheese platter but not $9000 more than my usual flight to Asia. Then how did I do it? I know most of you reading this blog are looking for the best countries to retire cheap, and would never consider flying business class.

Don’t worry I didn’t  pay $10000 either (equivalent of 1427 massages in Thailand). Used Aeroplan points. The best way to fly get Aeroplan points is signing up for credit cards. They usually give you 25,000- 50,000 points per sign up and you can cancel and re-sign up every 4 months without it affecting your credit score. A first class flight was roughly 190000 points. It took me 2 years to save up for it, but yes it’s definitely worth it.

The biggest problem is that once you’ve flown first class it’s awfully  hard to fly cattle class.

“First class is the problem, it used to mean a better seat, now it’s a better life” Jerry McGuire.