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It’s 6am and this 18 year old kid from Wales is lying on the street covered in his own vomit. I think he’s going to be robbed, and/or butt raped by trannies. Khao San road, a place in Bangkok where a lot of backpackers wind up. Tattoo shops, cheap tshirt vendors and pad Thai carts engulf this stretch of area. If you’re looking for a cheap place to retire Thailand is always on there.

One of the craziest places you’ll seein Thailand is Khao San road. Khao San is the Asian Las Vegas strip. Drinking on the street, clubs pounding out everything from gangnam style to drum and bass, it is a chaotic energetic place.

Khao San road is far away from the rest of the areas of Bangkok, so I thought it deserved its own trip report.

What does it cost to get here from the airport? Roughly $14 (400thb). You can get a mini bus for $5 (150thb). Food is surprisingly not marked up much at the carts, Pad Thai is$ 1.25 (40thb)vs $1 (30 thb) in other parts of Bangkok. If you want to cab here from the Sukumvit area it’s $2.50 (75 thb). Accommodations are cheaper here than anywhere I found in Bangkok. You can get a dormitory style 10 person room with a shared floor bathroom for $10 (300 thb) or a tiny personal room with private toilet for $18(500 thb).

khao san road, travel blog retire cheap, best countries to retire cheap, best countries to retire 2016, cheap places to retire
There are Thai police present but they don’t really do much, just make sure nobody dies or does something ridiculously illegal.

Everybody is partying and nobody is really making the smartest decisions. “Laughing gas? Sure why not.”

It is really really easy to think you’re at home, because while there are Thais selling things and giving massages, there are no Thai people that aren’t working here. (That’s not 100% true, I did meet a 40 year old Thai guy who was here because he loved picking up white girls.) The whole area is dreadlocks, families, and tattooed travellers. Lots of travelers no real locals.

With so many people here that are just looking to party it’s actually kind of safe. Kind of is the key phrase here. Imagine if you’re at home, decide to go to a seedy part of town (like north side Edmonton) and decide that drinking until you literally pass out on the concrete is a good idea. What would happen?

I met 2 guys I shall refer to as Netherlands and Wales at the corner shop picking up a couple of after the bar drinks. At Khao San road you can buy legal beers at 7-11 $2(60 thb)till midnight, and then buy street beers $3 (90 bht)till whenever.

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We hit it off pretty well until Wales starts puking. I’ve hung out with enough 18 year olds to have seen this before.

It’s just vomit everywhere. And then he flops over on the concrete, and just blacks out. That’s right , right there on a filthy curb in Thailand at 4am.  A couple hookers come over to see what is going on.

I can see Wales has his wallet just kind of sticking up, and his passport is right there too to see. I watch these hookers come by and then the most amazing thing happens.

One of them just sits down with us and starts chatting. Not trying to solicit just starts chatting. The other one squats down in her tight dress and heels and just starts calmly splashing water on Wales. She is literally taking care of this poor passed out 18 year old from Wales.

We spend the next couple hours just chatting, until the sun starts coming up. I cannot believe that these hookers are that nice. They don’t want anything, just normal people helping a kid out. They don’t steal his wallet or passport, and are honestly being nicer to the kid than me and Netherlands are. (We’re kind of snickering and reminiscing about being 18 and drunk.)

Wales eventually wakes up 2 hours later and I tell him point blank how lucky he is. If the situation or place was different he really might have died, been robbed or as we threaten raped by ladyboys.

Just like the rest of Bangkok, Khao San road is a great place to visit, but it’s not possible to stay here for $1000 a month. If you’re looking for the best countries to retire cheap, scratch this area of Thailand off. Till then I’m going to keep hunting for cheap places to retire!