Retirement is definitely about living the good life, but what’s the good life mean to you? More time to hang out with friends? More time to spend with the family? Getting more time to spend on your hobbies?

What it means for me is the ability to be free to do what I want any old time. As you know since you’re reading this blog post, my goal is to find a country to retire in that costs $1000 or less a month.

  • Quick budget breakdown : $1000 is $33 a day.
  • If you are getting your accommodation for $300 a month it leads to $700 left or $20 a day roughly.
  • What does that get you?

Here’s what my day looked like today.

  • Got up at 730 am and got a freshly made egg crepe from a street cart: 25 cents
  • Took the BTS over to Terminal 21 : $1.25
  • Wandered around the air conditioned mall
  • Grabbed lunch in their food court : $2.25
  • Walked back to my hotel for the exercise
  • Immediately  took a shower when I got to hotel  (it’s hot and I’m sticky).
  • Checked Facebook and emails (hi friends !)
  • After that onerous task (heh) I went for a ninety minute foot , shoulder massage $13
  • Came home and tidied up my backpack and suitcase.
  • Went and got a haircut:$5
  • Went and got dinner $1
  • Came back home and worked on the blog

Total: $24.75

A pretty fun day and close to my  daily budget.

I remember how at home in (Edmonton , Alberta , Canada) $20 got me a pretty good lunch at Boston Pizza.

Such a hard choice……massages , haircuts and lunch or BPs…