pork rinds best countries to retire cheap
What is cheap? As you faithful readers know I’m trying to find the best country to retire cheap. Today let’s look at what 1 (30 thb) gets you in Thailand. It gets all sorts of crazy cheap stuff like a bag of pork rinds. If you like or don’t like pork rinds at home try these here. There are two kinds, the traditional ones you think of as pork rinds and little skinny curly ones that look like curly fries. They are both delicious. They are a million times better than pork rinds you get in the 7-11 at home. Creamy and crispy, with that savoury pork taste, you get them fresh fried on the spot in many markets and areas.

noodles thailand best countries to retire cheap
Noodles, noodles, noodles I will eat all the noodles. In one given block of street stalls there are pho stands, wonton carts, and pad Thai. Don’t just eat the pad Thai, they are all good. Usually $2 (60 thb) for a big bowl.

breakfast thailand best countries to retire cheap
Similar to the Yao ja Gwai aka Chinese fried donut, these Thai breakfast doughnut bites are amazing when freshly fried in a giant wok. Crispy and hot, they are soft and doughy on the inside. Usually eaten with congee, but you can always order some to go. A big bag is $1 (30thb). I like grabbing a bag with some of the amazing coal frilled BBQ chicken.

bbq pork best countries to retire cheap
Crispy roasted pork with rice. They batter roasted pork and then slice them into thin slices. Each bite is succulent with pork, and a crunchiness from the batter. A box of this is $1 (30 thb).

eggs thailand best countries to retire cheap
Eggs. Thailands chickens make delicious eggs. I don’t know why, maybe it’s how they raise them or what they feed them but my goodness if you have a chance for eggs in Thailand eat it.

Food is definitely on my checklist of what makes a country one of the best countries to retire cheap. And Thailand has amazing cheap food.