cigarettes, places to reire cheap, cheap places to retire, best plavces to retire cheap, retire for $1000 travel blog If you’re a smoker then Asia is definitely a place to go. People smoke cigarettes every where. Bars, restaurants and out and about. How come? The same laws that prevent smoking in public places don’t really exist. Of course there are non smoking areas, but it reminds me of the freedom that smokers used to have in Canada.

The cost also is crazy cheap. A pack of smokes costs $1.50 (65 php). And if that’s not crazy low, you can also buy cigarettes by the smoke. There are little shops where you can buy them per stick at 10 cents (3 php), in Cebu.

Can you get your favourite brand here? I don’t smoke, but the selection I saw didn’t have a lot of what I’ve seen in North America. Just like imported food, if you’re a smoker you might have to switch to something else.

Lucky for you, there are a ton of choices. I saw brands with flavour capsules that are rasberry menthol flavoured. Beside the choices, there’s also cigarette promoting teams. These teams of girls will come to the bar, and try and convince you to try their brand. They’ll give away free cigarettes, and switch you a new pack of their brand for your old opened pack. Free lighters, ashtrays and loot are also available if you buy some packs on the spot. That’s right they can actually sell cigarettes, imagine that! So if you’re a smoker and looking for the best countries to retire cheap, definitely check out Asia.