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At 5’10 and 200lbs of Chinese beef, I’d say I’m normal to large in North America. In Asia, I’ve gone from a Medium/large to a XXL. I tried buying a pair of large shorts and didn’t even realize it was the wrong size till I started heading to a change room. One thing you’re going to have to consider in your search for the best countries to retire cheap, if you’re a guy or a girl is that clothes might not fit you. Shoes also range from small to average. A female friend of mine who has size 9 men’s feet, definitely has a hard time finding cheap shoes. It’s not impossible, just harder and more expensive. If you are truly a big guy, 300lb plus, clothes will be custom made or imported

There are also things like the jeepneys (buses), which are cramped up top for taller folks. It can be hard looking for sights when the windows are chest height. One bonus to this is that you get a great view at concerts as you lord over everyone.

So if you’re looking for cheap places to retire, and are packing clothes, bring a few extra shirts. Especially if you are not “normal sized” in North America.