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Internet, one of the top things you need in a place where you’re going to retire cheap. Without internet I’m screwed. I think of all the things that I don’t have if the internet is down. Travelling and retirement also need it. How else can you bank, access Skype, look up why you’re sick, or watch Iflix? It’s even more important because when you have to do anything in a foreign country you’re relying on that pesky internet.

Here in Cebu sky internet provider is officially full. The backlog is literally years to get internet and cable. This leaves two options. The first is to get a pocket wifi, these devices are pay to play. You load money in and you get a certain amount of data. This is a spotty service at best, as you can imagine. The best thing about this is that it’s portable. If you’re travelling and there’s going to be a need for it, I’d highly recommend it. The bad part though is that it’s not fast, and it’s an expensive option. One girl I know paid over a hundred a month for this.

My friends here use Globe. Just like at home you sign a contract and you get a plan. You will need a aci card (provided by the government), a copy of your electric bill and a lease document.  $50 (1500 php) gets you unlimited internet at 5mbs. If you go over the fair use amount, you’ll get a message saying that they’re going to throttle your internet speed till the next day when it resets. This option is by far the best way to go if you’re living in one spot.

I hope that all helps you my readers who are thinking of retiring cheap in Cebu!