kl, cheap countries to live, best places to retire 2016, best countries to retire cheap, best places to live cheap Is Kuala Lumpur the most boringest place in the world?  As you know already from my previous blogs, Kuala Lumpur isn’t cheap. (And that I haven’t really explored much outside of the pool at the condo I’m staying at.) if it’s not cheap, is it at least crazy fun?

I haven’t gone everywhere yet buy, I’ve had the opportunity to ask other condo mates how various attractions have been.

So far it’s been universally underwhelming. I can see the famous Petronas towers from my condo so that’s one attraction down. Look a tower ! Times 2 !

Chinatown, according to my friend Ashan is “smaller than Australia’s” and boring. Small, and full of cheap clothing stands he said it’s not worth going to.

I checked out the Chow Kit area, expecting to see something seedy or historical. Nope, kind of boring. Nowhere as vibrant as the markets of Thailand or as lively as Hong Kong.

All in all, Kuala Lumpur seems kind of dull. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but after visiting other South East Asian countries it hasn’t really caught my attention. Where’s the exotic city life I’ve grown to expect in Asia?

But is being dull and boring a bad thing?

It really reminds me though that being dull is a great thing in looking for somewhere close to the way home feels. That same sense of placid safety that you get at home, you feel here. There is very little in the culture shock feeling. Sure their Enlish is not as well spoken as in the Philippines, but there are ways in it feels much more like my home city. There are sidewalks, it’s clean and well organized.

Kuala Lumpur feels like a big small town. There aren’t a million people on a million motorcycles, streets seem normal. I don’t see rampant begging or homeless people in shacks. There aren’t massage parlours or little street food vendors everywhere.

Kuala Lumpur isn’t a good place to visit, but it could be a great place to retire. Fantastic transit, speedy internet and clean. I don’t feel like it would be a challenge for my whitest of white friends to settle in and live here (I’m talking to you Stewy).

I’m loving the days poolside here in boring Kuala Lumpur, but if you are thinking of visiting here for fun? Skip it.