Poolside living in Kuala Lumpur 

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Poolside living in Kuala Lumpur 

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What’s the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur? Can you afford to retire here? Is this the best country to retire cheap?

After my first few days here I can say Kuala Lumpur is much more of a developed country than the Philippines or Thailand.

I’m renting a room for $14 (45 rm) a day which is $450 a month. That’s 50% more than I am trying to budget for, with my monthly budget being $300 (900 rm). Food is also about double what it was in Thailand and the Philippines.

An average street vendor dish here is about $2 (60 rm)vs the $1 (30 rm) that I’ve grown to love.

Some saving graces for my budget, include the fact that the condo I’m renting has a gym and a pool in it. I’ve been waking up, making breakfast (eggs are delicious and cheap here) and then working out. After my workout, I’ll hit the pool and just hang out.

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Swimming a couple laps, then drying off and writing an article on my lounge chair is my life. I don’t know if this counts as living in Kuala Lumpur? It’s more like being at a beach resort. I’ve been out and about here in Kuala Lumpur, but my life here for the last week has been mostly about  the pool.

Total costs per day are low because all my entertainment is taken care of. I’m still in love with Iflix, and I have my Kindle. Meals including what I bought at the supermarket are about $5 (15 rm) a day.

I’m spending $20 (60 rm) a day for everything, even though Kuala Lumpur is more expensive. I’m still on budget for  living in a country that is a $1000 a month. (It does leave my entertainment budget only $5 a day though).

I’m definitely going to say that you’re able to retire here for $1000 a month, but it might get kind of boring with only $150 (450 rm) a month for entertainment and sundries.


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Samson Chui is the chief travel blogger behind Best Countries to Retire Cheap. His goal is to find the best country to retire for $1000.

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