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I’ve had an on and off relationship for a while. Everytime I break up, I wound up coming back. At first I scoffed at Netflix. Who would want that when I can torrent for free? Then one day I just succumbed. One month free? Why not? And that’s when it began. House of cards, Orange is the new black, and so many shows I could just browse? I was hooked. I broke up with my old love of utorrent and its occasional crappy downloads. It was just so easy to turn on Netflix after work, versus always having to pre plan my dates. With torrents it was always “What might I want to watch in a week. I should start downloading it in case.”

Then like a long term relationship that goes bad, I started seeing her warts. As a Canadian, and like many other global subscribers I found out she was cheating on me with the US of A.

“What do you mean I get 5000 pieces of content vs 15000?” I tried a vpn, but like a couples counsellor it only worked for a little while. My first day at 3am while drunk that I saw, “Netflix has blocked your content …” was the end for me.

Then I started traveling. Being in Asia, you are at the mercy of tv again. Bad tv. You forget how bad it is, until you’ve seen the same commercial 4 times in 2 hours. I subscribed to you again Netflix, like a bad romance.

Then I found somebody new. Iflix. I guess this Malaysian service has been around for a while, but I didn’t know. I’d never heard of it in Edmonton, Alberta. Why?!!!? If only I had known.

With the same amount of English content as Netflix and a whack of great Asian content, Iflix beats the bejeezus out of Netflix. The first month is free (no credit card), I’d say try it.

I’m loving the content right now, as I catch up op Big Bang Theory, and I can only say that Netflix has dropped the ball. It had a chance, but now I’m gone. I’ve found somebody new. And this service is half the cost (I’m including my VPN charge). If you’re traveling the world looking for the best countries to retire cheap, and love movies this is the service for you.