There’s a lot of reasons to retire in Malaysia, but here’s 1 reason why this might not be the best country to retire cheap for you. 


  • Print and online media that are deemed “disrupting peace and harmony” have been banned. These include works by fantasy author Robert Jordan, SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the explorer 
  • News media are also strictly watched over. News criticizing the government are not shown. Also things like kissing, LGBT activity, and profanity are censored out. There’s a government approved company and other satellite companies are illegal. Buying and installing your own satellite can get you fines and or jail time.
  • Online pornography and “inflammatory” news sites are also blocked. Over 4000 sites were blocked last year. Even though Kuala Lumpur is trying to become an international IT hub, it has now taken a hard stance “At the time, I agreed as I did not fully comprehend how much information could pass through the Internet. According to the former prime minister“Not knowing the power of the Internet, I (speaking then as prime minister) promised that we would not censor it. But today, I have changed my mind,” 

If living in a society that is free of censorship is important to you then Kuala Lumpur is not the best place for you to retire cheap. If you’re ok with a conservative Muslim culture there are a lot of reasons to move here. You’ll have to decide what level of cultural differences and diversity you’re willing to accept. Me? I’m walking around naked in my apartment, watching illegal porn, and writing this article so I’ll probably be retiring somewhere else!