Best countries to retire cheap? I’ve got a long list of what I think is “best”. Among that list is essentials like English speaking, and wants like a good gym nearby. I like adventure and exotic locations, but not everybody does (I’m talking to you Keith Borle). I got to thinking who else would hate it here in Asia? And what would they hate?


It’s hot in Asia. Really hot, and really humid. There are rainy seasons but most of the time it’s 30 degrees plus. Sure you can live inside your air conditioned condo, but you have to go outside sometimes. If you hate being hot and sweat profusely you might hate it here. Be prepared for eternal summer!


Everywhere I’ve gone there are these little bugs. There are all sorts of ants, spiders and insects around. They get in your cupboards, around your stuff and sometimes just make you go ugh. If you hate bugs, this place sucks. I’ve gotten all sorts of bug bites while lounging around the pool. It might not “bug” you (heh see what I did there?) if you’re only here on a 2 week vacation but retirement is a real long time.


Depending on where in Asia you retire the food will vary. The constant though is that it’ll be Asian food. If you’re looking for a cheap country to retire in, but hate Asian food, this isn’t the spot. (And I mean REAL Asian food,not the kind you get in the food court like lemon chicken balls.)You can get western food, but it’ll generally be either expensive or bad. Beef is also something I miss here. You can get good beef, but again it’s super pricy. Even mediocre beef from Australia is expensive.

I’m loving Asia, but if these things are important you might want to reconsider coming and retirement here.