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Air Bnb has been my go to for my stay in Asia. $10 a day is my budget for my stay in every country . If you’re going to look for the best countries to retire cheap, you’ll need cheap accommodations. The only hotels I could find were all above that in price in the countries I’ve gone to. With Air BnB though I found plenty of places with that budget. Air Bnb has everything from hotel rooms, hostels and personal apartments.

Here’s the pros and cons of using Air BnB.


Cheaper places available. I rented a beautiful condo with a pool for $14 a night.

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Getting to know your host. I’ve made some good friends with my stays, and done some activities that I never could have without it. One place I stayed in Cebu, I got to go on several island trips because the host was going. All I had to pay was a share of the boat.

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Bonuses like if your host is going to the market to buy groceries are also things I’ve experienced. Instead of walking or getting a cab, I’ve had several rides to and from the supermarket in Kuala Lumpur.


Sometimes the host isn’t that professional. They aren’t actually used to having renters, and treat you a little too much like you’re a friend. This can get odd if you don’t like your host. One French couple hid in their room for the time inside,maybe because the host liked to sit around his living room topless. Also I’ve had the host turn off a light I was using in the living room saying “it’s daytime you don’t need a light.”

Inability to maintain stability. One place I stayed at, actually double booked a room, because he thought a 2am check in was for the next day. This left us scrambling for a place for me to stay. I wound up staying at a friend of his for a few nights!

Family. One place I was close to booking I narrowly avoided a baby. The host didn’t say anywhere in the listing that they had a baby. I only found out when I noticed there was a baby in their host photo, and asked. I like children, but screaming babies and loud dogs are two things I try to avoid in my roommates.

Cultural attitudes. I’ve had a host tell me that they wouldn’t take gay couples. If you’re gay you might want to let the host know before booking. Different countries are going to have different attitudes about things you find “normal.”


If you have the time, book a longer stay. In the “more pricing” area in Air BnB the host will show you additional discount for time of stay. I’ve seen up to 40% discounts for a month.

Book a short stay though until you’ve seen the place. Pictures are great, but you never know.

Use my referral code. This code gives you a $28 -$30 credit towards any stay. (I also get a credit! Win!) It’s only 1 time per account though. So if you’re traveling together make sure you only make 1 Air BnB account until you’ve stayed the first time. Then make a second account for person 2, and share your own code. This will net you $84 – $90 in credits total. Which if you’re staying in cheap places is 8 free nights!

Final tip, if you find a place on Air BnB you like that’s a  hotel, you can email them directly and ask for the same rate. This lets you and them both avoid Air BnB fees. Warning though, if the place turns out not so great you have nobody to complain too.

I hope this article helps you on your own personal quest to find the best countries to retire cheap.