What are you going to do all day when you’ve found the best country to retire cheap in? Retiring cheap is great, but how are you going to fill your days?You’ll need a plan to keep active or you’ll get super bored.

Filling my days and entertaining you all is part of the reason I’m a travel blogger. Not a super rich one, or a super famous one, or let’s face it not even a super good one. (My next article is going to be about “how to get a good deal on a Dominos pizza in Malaysia…”so yeah not Pulitzer Prize wining material)

How much does it cost me to be a travel blogger and what do I do all day? 

My daily budget is 

  • $10 for accommodation 
  • $5 food
  • $10 everything else

For my quick on the math friends, that adds up to less than the $1000 a month that I’ve budgeted for. The rest of the money sits in my plane fare and emergency fund. It’s not much but you will need it since you’ll likely be flying home for a few months each year.

What do I do all day? I’d love to say that I spend everyday living like you see those people on the travel channel. Luxurious meals, exotic sites and great views. I don’t really have the budget to go randomly exploring around every day but I try to do things that I wouldn’t do at home a few times a week.

My normal “glamorous” day looks like this

  • Waking up whenever, eating either some eggs (which are delicious here in Asia) or a pastry bun $1 (3rm)
  • Then check my social media 
  • Head to the gym.(I’m now in much better shape then before I started this)
  • Go to the pool
  • Write an article (I love writing poolside, it makes me feel super writery)
  • Read my Kindle
  • Have lunch (usually Texas Fried chicken and rice in Kuala Lumpur)$2(6rm)
  • Read some more, play some more 
  • Do some SEO on my website
  • Have dinner (In Cebu this was BBQ) $2(6rm)
  • Do a little research on what my next article will be
  • Watch a show of two on Iflix or Netflix.
  • About 2 times a week I’ll go get a cheap massage or see a movie or go exploring
  • Play some more online games.

The online games are fun. They give me a kind of everywhere is home feeling. My online teammates (Hi, all you Foxy Council members!) are always there regardless of if I’m in Chiang Mai or Singapore. I’m currently playing a Free to play game called Walking Dead: Road to survival. Again it’s free to play, but like most freemium games there’s all these micro transactions you can buy. I spend $13 a month on this “free” game. I really don’t mind because it entertains me as much or more than my Netlix $10 subscription or my Kindle Unlimited subscription $10.

Remember how I told you I plan about $1000 a month for my life as a travel blogger? That’s roughly $12,000 a year or $24,000 for 2 years. 

How would you feel if I told you there’s somebody in my “Free”to play game has spent $24,0000 this year on it?

Does it make you kind of sick to your stomach like it made me when I found this out? Did you think, “OMG what an idiot!”?

I’m not guilty of spending $24,000 on a video game, but when I think about how much I spent on other things in the past I’m definitely kicking myself.

  • Home theatre $10k. 
  • Bedroom set $3k
  • Comic Books , Boardgames and Nerd toys $2k
  • Motorcycle $5k

Everything on that list and lots more is now all sold to pay for travel blogger lifestyle. (And I didn’t get anything close to what it cost to buy it.)

All it costs to live a pretty good life once you’ve found where you want retire cheap is $25 a day. I kind of wish now I hadn’t bought so many pairs of black ankle boots, because all I wear now are sandals or my gym shoes. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and hopefully it inspired you on your own hunt for the best countries to retire cheap. Happy travels!