Traveling around eating the local food is great, but every once in a while I want some good old western fast food. The greasier the better!

I love the pad Thai in Thailand but after eating it every day I need a break. 

Same for the delicious BBQ in the Philippines.

 One thing I’ve discovered in Kuala Lumpur is how many western fast food places there are here. And how cheap it is. If you love fast food and that’s one of the requirements for “best” country to retire cheap, Kuala Lumpur is your place. There are over 400 KFC restaurants here, and that’s not the only fried chicken joint.

This piece of chicken, mashed potatoes and pop, are only $2 (6rm).

The pizza at Dominos here are also $2 (6rm). And again my favourite “normal” pizza.

The crazy thing is how much the normal Malaysian food is. The average dish runs about $6 (18 rm).

This is kind of crazy considering how cheap the western food is.
I have always told people that if you’re going to retire cheap in Asia that you’re going to have to like the local food. That really isn’t the case here in Kuala Lumpur, where fast food is king!

Oh, and how much was a 6 inch sub from Subway? $2.25 (7.30 rm) !