Kuala Lumpur has crazy cheap movies every Wednesday. The Philippines doesn’t have a day when going to the movies are cheaper. Thailand is also cheaper on Wednesdays. Looking for something to do while searching for a cheap place to retire abroad? I’m hitting the theatre every Wednesday. At $3 (10 rm) for any film (except the most recently released) movies are a great deal in Kuala Lumpur.
You can pre buy tickets and pick you’re seat. There’s no need to queue up. Just select the seat you want and then feel free to come back when it starts. A great system. The seats are nice, but not as opulent as Thailand. They have cozy couple seats you can buy in the back row for privacy. I love the option of being able to pick a seat, it’s like this in some theatres at home in Canada, but not at all movies. Usually only the ultraavx and fancy ones. (I don’t know why this is.)

I like to spend the extra time heading into the mall, and getting bootleg snacks. Like most theatres in North America there’s no outside snacks allowed. My friend Ashan, brazenly just tried to walk in with a bag of chips and a pop. After they took it away, they actually attached his seat stub to it, so he could get it back after the movie. My cleverly hidden beer and snacks got in no problem.

Check out the crazy snacks you can get inside the theatre.

Mmmmmmn hmmm who wouldn’t want a delicious fishball combo? Also there were a billion types of crazy popcorn flavours like Tom Yum.

Are there any oddities about watching movies in Kuala Lumpur? Mainly censorship. According to Wikipedia  “Although movies shown in Malaysian cinemas carry an age-restricted rating such as “18”, films that contain scenes of sex and nudity are completely censored off by the LPF (Malaysia’s film censorship board), which renders the 18 rating meaningless and strict entry by the cinema operators pointless. Kissing and make-out scenes are also censored in movies rated “P13”. On the other hand, there have been many “18” rated films filled with profanity and graphic violence that were hardly censored or uncensored in recent years. This shows that the board mostly views sex and nudity as completely unacceptable for a Malaysian audience.”

This means I’ll definitely be watching my sexy films with all that naught nudity at home. (Couldn’t they just have a rating “MU” (Muslim) where the women are wearing burqas and all drinking is replaced digitally with soda pop?)

If you have $3($10 RM) to spend on a Wednesday, go catch a film. It’s cool that you can see Malaysian, Chinese and Indian films here (most have English subtitles)

TO avoid censorship try to pick a rated G or PG one. Wait are the fish in “Finding Dory” naked?