Sugar gliders are marsupials you can get as pets in Asia! They bond super quick and then you can carry them around in your pocket. Unlike ferrets, they also don’t smell. ( I know, I went and checked with a quick sniff test.)Normally part of colonies, I’d recommend getting at least two, so they will always have company.

Their fur is super soft, and they didn’t mind petting. They are also super curious as well as cute.

Even though they have fur, they are hypoallergenic so, even people with dog and cat allergies can have one! Also like cats they are super clean and don’t need bathing. And like cats they can poop in one spot without you having to clean everything. Smart as dogs, they can bet rained to do tricks and come when called. Speaking of cats and dogs, yes you can have them coexist no problems.

How much are they?

Two sugar gliders with cages and food are $140 (420 rm). Their normal diet is insects and sweet fruits but you can buy bags of food for them. One of the coolest things about traveling looking for a great place to retire cheap is the fun pets you can find.