If you decide Kuala Lumpur is the best country to retire cheap, this is how it much it would cost to live here.

Rent. A shared apartment with security, a pool but farther from the city centre would is roughly $600 (1800 rm)gets you a nice apartment.

Air conditioning. This is your major electrical cost. It’s hot 30 degrees plus at night, so AC and electricity will cost $100 (300 rm).
Wifi. Can’t live without it, the cost is $50 (160 rm).No problems with speed here.

Water (non purified). I boiled water for drinking. It cost $11 a month(40 rm). 

Gas. Gas for cooking and boiling hot water $11 (40 rm)

Waste water. This is a government charge for getting rid of water.$3 (15 rm)

Food. My daily food budget at $5 (15 rm) a day has been no problem. This includes eaten out daily as well as buying groceries. Kuala Lumpur has amazingly cheap dine out fast food. The dishes are a blend from  Chinese, Indian, Morrocan, Malaysian and Western.

Sin. Booze isn’t as expensive as people tell you it is. If you stick to Asian produced hard liquor it’s cheap. A 26 ounce bottle of whiskey is $8 (24 rm). Smokes are expensive for an Asian country at $5(15 rm) a pack.

Transportation. An average ride on the monorail is $1.50 (5 rm). A taxi will cost you about $15 (45 rm). The transit system here is well put together and effective. I only took a cab here once.

The total cost of living in Kuala Lumpur would be roughly $900 (2700 rm) a month. If you didn’t drink, smoke, spend more than $100 (450 rm) a month on entertainment, sundries or emergencies  you could live here on $1000 a month. I’d recommend sharing an apartment with a roommate or renting out a room. $1000 is doable, but you would live a very frustrating and frugal lifestyle if you did on that budget.