Do you love pizza? And do you miss it in Asia? Retiring cheap can mean giving up some of your comfort food because of the cost of ordering it in your new country. I find myself craving pizza every once in a while in Asia, and I found a great way to order it in Kuala Lumpur. Order Dominoes online.

This pizza is the same as Dominoes back home. Unlike McDonald’s or Pizza Hut which changes its flavours depending on the palate of the country, Dominoes in Malaysia keeps it the same (you can order some odd things though)

Retiring cheap means maximizing what you spend your cash on. In this case it’s pizza. Pizza calculator is a great way to see what is ACTUALLY the best deal per dollar. Is 5 small pizzas a better deal than 2 large?

After looking at the Dominoes Malaysia website, I found a great deal and according to the pizza calculator it was the best money per square inch. By the time you read this that promotion is probably over, so I’ll instead tell the best way to customize your pizza toppings regardless of which promotion is on. 

  1. Decided what you want in your head for toppings.
  2. Decide what sauce you want (the normal Dominoes one is the example I’ll use)
  3. Pick a Smokey Beef and chuck pizza from their pre made favourites selection.

  1. After picking that EDIT  the toppings. Every topping you take off gives you a credit. Then add back on the toppings you REALLY wanted. The Smokey Beef and Chuck pizza has the most toppings and an extra sauce you can remove for the maximum credits. 
  2. At the end you’ll have something that looks like this. (I made a double everything pepperoni and mushroom). 

  1. If you don’t follow these steps you wind up paying double in surcharges for what you want. There’s even a surcharge for half half pizzas.
  2. When you’ve ordered all your pizzas make sure you don’t add any drinks or extras. 
  3. At the final final checkout area a pop up will appear offering you add ons at a discount! (I had to go back and double check: it is indeed cheaper than what the original price was!) I added a banana kaya dessert it was amazing.

  1. If you now look in your email, Dominoes will have sent you an ecoupon to use for free stuff. You can add it by hitting your profile name in the top right corner. (Taking a survey after the first order will give you another coupon for onion rings next time)

One other cool thing was their pizza tracking system, frankly I was interested to see if they take my frankenorder pizza.I also wanted to check the time because Dominoes gives you that long missed “30 minutes or it’s free” deal. (A voucher for a free pizza next time). I ordered my pizza at 3:04 pm (you can see my time stamp). I thought that there was no way they could create my frankenorder pizzas, bake them, drive them over, get past the gated security and up to the 18th floor where Samson the pizza devouring beast lived in under 30 minutes.

I was totally wrong. 24 minutes. That’s how long it took. Are you kidding? I’ve had to wait longer for a salad to be walked over in a restaurant! What did I order and how much did it cost?

That’s right my deal loving pizza aficionados: 5 regular(9″) pizzas, onion rings, 3 Tropicana fruit drinks, and a banana kaya dessert cost me $24 (71 rm)! Enjoy my pizza hack ! And seriously I’m going to be eating cold pizza for a few days.