There are ancient dark caves you can explore in Kuala Lumpur. Full of bats, trapdoor spiders and albino centipedes. There was no way you could stop this darkness loving travel blogger from exploring them. Retiring cheap isn’t all poolside living and golfing for me. Today I went on a trip to find my inner Batman. 

The dark caves can be found as part of the Batu caves trip. It costs $12 (35 rm) and all the money goes to conservation of this unique ecosystem. 

I put on my hard hat, grabbed a flashlight and took a 30 minute guided tour with some other intrepid explorers.

 I did see bats in their natural habitat, but the coolest thing was how much I learned about how a guano based ecosystem worked.

The Dark caves were first explored in 1878, several groups of people have then gone on to see the uses and variety of this cave. Graffiti left by tourists in the earlier part of this century can still be seen.

I got to see some inspirational stone work, and was reminded of how short a human life is compared to the work nature does.

I also learned about beautiful it could be.

At one point in the tour, they had us put out all our lights, and it was dark. Darker than I’ve ever been in immersed in. You could smell the guano, and feel the heat of the air around  you, but you could see nothing. I did whisper “I’m Batman…” 

If you’re in Kuala Lumpur exploring the Batu caves make sure you see the dark caves. It’s worth spending the cash and the time. You’ll leave thinking about how diverse life is. You’ll also get an experience that you wouldn’t have seen at home. Looking for the best places to retire cheap definitely include these odd experiences!