If you’re looking for a place to retire cheap, Kuala Lumpur might be the place for you. Here are 3 reasons why you might want to retire here.

1. Western food. Unlike other Asian countries you can get western food here cheap. Pizza, Subway, KFC is all here and half the price of being back home. A 6 inch sub is $2.50 (7.30 rm).

2. If you’re Muslim, this country is great. They broadcast the call to prayer, and there is a shariah court system.

3. Transit. A fully developed and effective public transport system makes travelling easy. You can easily get around the city for $2 (6rm)

Those are 3 reasons you might choose Kuala Lumpur as the best country to retire cheap. I’m hoping this article gave you some good tips, and helped you with your search of finding the best place to retire for $1000. Scroll to the bottom of the page for all my tips and articles. And if you like them don’t forget to share on social media. (I truly would love it. I really would!)