Retiring cheap in a different country doesn’t mean having to give up your favourite hobbies. For me that means working out, reading and playing board games. Back home in Canada I had a lot of options for this, but does it exist in Kuala Lumpur? Gyms, and my Kindle take care of the first two requirements, but do boardgames exist? And if they do exist are the games all written in Malaysian? And are they all boring Hasbro ones?

I found the answer at a little shop in Kuala Lumpur, near Sri Rampai. Called Spartan games, I accidentally walked in thinking it was a gym. (Seriously Spartan games to me is a obstacle course involving a lot of mud and sweat.) Instead it was none of the above. A tiny Magic the Gathering, Warhammer and most importantly boardgaming shop.

If I didn’t know better I would have thought I was back at home. For example the Magic players all acted and looked the same as ones back home, just Asian. (Loud, sweaty and a little socially awkward.)

I don’t play or enjoy Magic the Gathering (a game based on how much money you can spend buying cards), but they did have boardgaming! For $2 (5rm) you could play any of their open games. And for $3(10 rm) you could play games from open to close.

Their selection was a little limited (I’m spoiled because Alberta has great stores like Mission Fun & Games, and Sentry Box) but they had enough for me to have a great game session.

I got to play Halli Galli, Exploding Kittens and King of New York. If you get hungry they had a few racks of snacks as well. The snacks were similar to what you’d find at home as well. Instant noodles are an international boardgame staple.

It was a nerdy fun time and I’m glad you can find board games in Malaysia. Now I just got to find more players!

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