Retiring cheap, and finding the best country to retire cheap is going to bring you to wonderful places. Places you might not have ever thought of visiting. For me one of those places I love but can’t afford to retire in is Hong Kong. A bright beautiful part of China and a former British colony, Hong Kong is a special jewel in Asia. Right off the bat, I knew Hong Kong would never fit into my mission of finding a place to retire for $1000 a month. But I could  never come to Asia, without coming here.

Beautiful landscapes, a hub for foodies and one of the best transportation systems in the world, Hong Kong is a place to visit but not retire. There’s no way to live the good life for $1000 a month here.

An average cheap meal is $6 (36 hk), but it’s so varied and so good. The good here is truly world famous. The Chinese food of the the world aspires to be Hong Kong. I never come here without a very detailed and specific food to eat plan.

But how’s the foreign food? It’s a place where you can buy Alberta beef, or French goose pate. If you want it you can get it. I come to Hong Kong to eat, and eat a lot. I guarantee a trip to Hong is a a good way to gain 5 lbs.

What else is great here? As a former British colony, English is widely spoken and understood here. I’d rate Hong Kong a 10/10 for English. Transportation is also cheap, at $1 (6 hk) for a trip on the MRT. If you don’t want to take their light rail transit, taxis and buses are abundant here. Sin is also cheapish here, an average beer is $2 (12 hk). Saying that I found the cheapest beer in the word here. In the grocery stores I found 26 beers for $10 (60 hk). It was a local San Miguel derivative brewed in Hong Kong, and surprisingly good. At less than 50 cents a beer, this is cheaper than Thailand or Kuala Lumpur!

The biggest cost of living,and why you can’t live in this foodie paradise for $1000, is the rent. A crappy walk up in a shady area costs $600 (3600 hk). I wish this wasn’t the case, but facts are facts.

I love Hong Kong, it’s one of my favourite places in the world. If I didn’t have family here who let me live with them, there’s no way I could afford to live here for the $1000 monthly budget.(I’d recommend visiting Hong Kong as part of your Visa run through, regardless of where you eventually retire.) 

One of the best parts of retirement in Asia is the proximity of places like Hong Kong where you can have a fantastic vacation and flights are super cheap $120 (740 hk). Even though Hong Kong is too expensive to retire in, I hope this article helped you with your personal quest of finding the best country to retire cheap. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more tips and articles on finding the cheapest places to retire, seriously right to the bottom. And if you liked the article, please share on social media (I’d love it if you did!)