Retiring in Asia as a single female traveler? I got a chance to interview Laura L. for some valuable tips for the single female travelers who are looking for the best countries to retire cheap. Laura, a vivacious and intellectual 20 something woman, is currently heading to India to continue her yoga training.

Is it difficult as a female traveler?

As a female traveler the main thing is that you don’t want to let those gut feelings that you’ve had while at home disappear when you’re traveling. Obvious things like not taking drinks from strangers and trusting your intuition are important. I was in a hostel and it felt dodgy, so I left even though I had already paid for the night. One other time a cab driver tried to tell me the street I wanted to go to was “close down” so he wanted to take me somewhere else. I had to tell him to stop the cab or take me the street. As a female traveler, don’t just be polite, you have to be ruder sometimes.

What’s the worst things that have happened to you as a single female traveler?

On two separate occasions in Malaysia I’ve had men behind me following me, just staring, I’ve caught them rubbing  their penises and making mastabutory motions. As a western woman in a Muslim country I can understand that their cultural upbringing has told them that women not in burqas from the west are sexually loose. It still isn’t pleasant.

What are some tips for other female travelers that you wish you had known ahead of time?

  1. Keep a journal. 
  2. Use social media and let people know where you are going specifically and when 
  3. Don’t fall into a victim mentality. Don’t let people take your space.
  4. Use women’s only train cars. I was in India and you’re jammed in, and can’t tell who is groping you.

What’s the best thing about being a single female traveler? 

People are super friendly. One time at dinner in India, the waiter couldn’t understand me, a family sitting nearby invited me to have dinner with them!

Thanks for the time and the tips!

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