I’ve lost 15lbs since I started traveling to find the best countries to retire cheap. That’s 5lbs a month! Every day in the morning when I wake up in Kuala Lumpur I hit the pool. I spend the morning just watching people, catching a few laps when I’m hot and writing these articles when I’m not. 

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise, but unfortunately while it burns a lot of calories when you’re swimming, it doesn’t really raise your metabolism afterwards. You need to hit those weights for that metabolism bump.

That’s why I like finding condos and hotels with a gym inside. They’re usually on the small side though. After a month though you can grow bored with their selection of equipment. I know some of the best countries to retire cheap readers might say , “But Samson, with enough imagination you don’t need equipment. You could stay in shape with body weight exercises.”

While that’s 100% true, there’s a reason people join gyms, and don’t just do hundreds of Hindu pushups and head stands. Boredom. You can grow bored of the same old same old. If you don’t get bored, I commend you and will admire your ability to do tricep dips off a chair or bed.

If you’re easily bored like I am you’ll start looking for a big gym right away. There’s a gym in Kuala Lumpur called Celebrity fitness claiming to be “The ultimate fitness centre”, it’s within a 13 minute jog from my place in Kuala Lumpur. With that kind of tag line I had to check it out. 

I went in and was duly impressed. I’ve been in gyms all around the world and can’t say I’ve seen better. 

Besides all the things you’d normally expect in a gym, free weights, treadmills etc, they had a ton of other stuff. 

  • TRX 
  • Martial arts area
  • Spin studio
  • Classes of all kinds going on all the time from Zumba to Step. Literally it was class after class.
  • Yoga studio. A real one

  • FUNctional Area, with games based on medicine balls

  • Agility zone
  • Sauna
  • Steam room

There’s 20 Celebrity fitness locations in Kuala Lumpur. This is how much it costs to join.

  • $60 (180 rm) a month for one club access
  • $70 (200 rm) all club access.
  • There’s also a bunch of screw you fees they randomly try to charge like “processing” or “sitting in this chair”
  • And you have to sign up for a year

The best thing though is that you can get a free 1 week pass if you ask so I’d definitely recommend doing that if you’re looking for a gym in Kuala Lumpur. Get the free pass! They ask for id but not a credit card. I’m definitely been working out daily because of the limited time. Monkey bars here I come!

Final tip! Bring your own supplement from home. They are available here, but super expensive in Asia.

I hope this article helps you with your dreams of finding the best countries to retire cheap. If you want more tips and blogs scroll to the bottom of the page. And don’t forget to share if you liked it!