If you’ve ever thought there’s a crime problem and, “Why don’t they just kill all those criminals that they keep releasing?”you should consider the Philippines as your best country to retire cheap. The Philippines has a massive drug problem. Unlike western countries with their “catch and release” jail systems, they’ve decided to take a stand. The president has released a KILL LIST. People on this list are “dead men walking” according to him.  People on this list are valid kill targets with “shoot to kill” authorization. Instead of catching, trying and then housing them in prison for $100,000 a year like we do in North American countries, these drug pushers, rapists and murderers are legally allowed to be shot on site.There isn’t a caveat. This isn’t just an order for the military or the police. Vigilantes are 100% allowed to go on killing rampages. The President has guaranteed “100% immunity from legal prosecution and my own personal guarantee” to anybody caught killing these drug criminals and corrupt officials. This seems a crazy Hollywood movie premise right? There’s no way this could happen? And if it did happen it wouldn’t work right? People must be up in arms about it! What about the human rights of these criminals? According to the President, “his mouth doesn’t care about human rights”. It was was this tough on crime policy that got Duterte voted in by the citizens of the Philippines sickened by the corruption in their system and unlike other politicians that flip flop after being elected, he’s kept his word. The people of the Philippines love it and are whole heartedly supporting this 1 bullet 1 criminal policy.What’s been the result of this Kill list? Since his election in May 2016, over 167 criminals have been killed on the street, corruption curtailed and prisons are now overflowing from 125,000 criminals who have turned themselves in. That’s right, to avoid being killed on the street these criminals are turning themselves in. What would happen in North America if in 4 months that had happened? Think that’s 30,000 arrests a month. 1000 arrests a day. Literally, criminals are fleeing to the safety of the prison system.  Here’s a full list Kill list of the deaths and details. Human rights and civil groups are up in arms about this. “Yes, these people are drug pushers, rapists and murderers but they are also someone’s children.”One woman had 3 of her sons with previous criminal records killed at a drug bust.  “If you don’t want to die and get hurt, don’t pin your hopes on priests and human rights (groups). They can’t stop death,”said Duterte, the President. He’s not kidding and his initial campaign promise is to kill 100,000 criminals in his first six months in office and dump so many bodies in Manila Bay that the “fish will grow fat.” It looks like he’s right on track.What other effects has this had? And what is life in the Philippines like?Here’s the thing. When I was there I did not see semi-automatic wielding gangsters and motorcycle chases through the streets. Nor did I see citizens openly carrying weapons or guns. There were no cops firing at clown faced killers from behind squad cars. People shopped, ate at Jollibee, and took their children to playgrounds. There’s a war on crime going on, but life seemed like it was business as usual for the average citizen. I’m whole heartedly agreeing that with a tough stance on crime that the Philippines is a better place. It sickens me when I read the news and see criminals that have been convicted multiple times being let out to commit more crimes. With a known 80% chance of recidivism violent criminals have no place in my world. If you know, that there is a 4/5 chance these criminals going to reoffend, why would anyone want them on the street?The facts all point to the undeniable reoccurrence that they will rob, murder or rape when released. It’s sickens me how  weak on crime we are in North America and how convicted pedophiles in Canada are released into unsuspecting communities. (Police do not like telling the community that they are releasing them into that they are releasing  convicted pedophiles into their neighborhood, because they are worried about “vigilantism”.) Frankly, I’d say we should follow the President of the Philippines pro-vigilante philosophy. He’s said, “I don’t care if I burn in hell, just that I’ve served others in paradise”. Between social media, a “look the other way”philosophy and a belief that the safety of the innocent are more important than the rights of criminals, average citizens could take of their own problems quite quickly.If you’re also tough on crime (or looking to dress like a superhero), the Philippines is the best place for you to retire cheap. I hope this crazy article helped you with your quest of finding the best place for you to retire. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more tips and articles on finding the cheapest places to retire. And if you liked the article, please share on social media (I’d love it if you did!)If you’re thinking of retirement in Asia, here’s a checklist LINK TO CHECKLIST