If you’re traveling looking for a cheap place to retire you’re going to spend a lot of time in airports. This is my handy guide to give you the best place to sleep in Kuala Lumpur klia 2. Klia 2 aka the low cost carrier terminal is gigantic.
There are are many spots to hang out and sleep, but these are the 3 best. I’m honestly a little worried that if I share it with you my BestCountriesToRetireCheap.com fans that I will miss out myself. (So keep it secret ok!) if somebody else to know swear them to a blood oath first.

These 3 great sleeping spots are all in the mid way area of klia 2 before you go into the gates area, but after first screening (Confused? Read my story about illogical stuff in klia 2)

To find these secret spots first head to the bottom level by the movie zone.

Spot 1 (my favourite) is tucked in the back behind a Starbucks and the smoking lounge. Even though it’s close to the smoking lounge there is no smoke smell.  It’s space for 1 so not great for couples is its downside. Why is so great? It’s very private, has very little activity around it and has its own wall charger. The charger is placed at mid thigh level so you can lie down and use your phone while charging. A little nook with its own floor charger and surrounded by 3 sides keeps you safe from having your stuff nicked when you sleep. If you pull your luggage trolley in after you, you make a very private sleeping hole. Hang up a sarong and you can make a fort!

Spot 2. Outside the washroom in that zone. At the very back of a massive room full of seats, there are chairs with no arm rests. Sleeps multiple people. Downside smells like nearby washrooms. Upside not on the floor.

Spot 3. A sleeping nook just outside washroom area but farther than those chairs so not as smelly. You can find it by looking for currency exchange place across from it. You can always lie down anywhere in an airport but this place is where to sleep.This one is designed for sleep. It also has a private charge outlet. Downside is it’s in heavy traffic area, so people are  constantly walking by. This spot is easily noticed so chances are it’ll be occupied as well.

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