Searching for the best place to retire cheap, I’m also on a side mission to eat the best things on my travels. I will always love BBQ and a beach BBQ in Bali is a one of a kind experience. Wandering the Sanur beach I find myself at an tiny BBQ place. As you know I’ve recommended going to the beach on day 1 of your trip in Bali, because a lot of the restaurants hold theme or event nights. 

This restaurant called Toro Toro holds an all you can eat BBQ every two weeks on Thursday. The name of the event should actually be, “all you can BBQ”, because they provide you the charcoal grill and the meat for to BBQ yourself. I’ve had hot pot in Asia, but never have I ever been a pit master at my own private BBQ! 

The pork ribs were beautifully marinated in a sweet BBQ sauce, and the chicken wings were parboiled in a tangy sauce. It was fun bbqing again (I’ve missed it not being at home with a BBQ). The fussy parts of a charcoal grill were taken care for you, so it’s all the taste of a charcoal grill without having to haul or clean the ashes. Also by grilling yourself the meat is super hot and grilled to exactly how you like it.

The BBQ ribs, large bottle of beer $3 (35000 idr) and seat on the beach made this dinner in Bali one of my most memorable meal.

The ocean breeze, and the view of beach from my beachside table made this surprisingly inexpensive meal $9 (850000 idr) a true unforgettable Bali moment. It’s hard to describe how truly peaceful and fun this experience was. Do not miss this if you come to Bali.

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