There’s a privacy fort set up in the bunk next to me. (That’s made by draping your bottom sheet over the top of your lower bunk.) Two girls are in there that had met tonight at the pool. Samantha, a wind surfing instructor and Terri a stripper from England are both drunkenly thrashing around making dolphin noises. I’m not disturbed because I’m only in the room to get a condom. (There’s a hot Dutch mermaid waiting for me in the outdoor showers.) The pitch black room, is filled with the sound of the snoring from the Germans in the other bunks. I escape the room after a frenetic search for my elusive condoms (mental note : store them somewhere handy to remember, not just chucked into a suitcase.)

Hostel sex happens, and it’s kind of cool. If you’re traveling the world looking for the best place to retire cheap, chances are you’ll  encounter this. If you’ve decided to stay in a multi person bunk room like I did, then chances is you’ll hear it as well as encounter it. ( If you grab a private room, you won’t be disturbed.)

One of the coolest things about travel is that you’re going to meet people from around the world, all of whom want to explore and have fun. After my 30 days in a hostel, I’d highly recommend it if you’re a single traveler. I’d also recommend using air BNB to book, not just directly through the hostel or hostel world. Use my link for a few free nights

Why’s it so great? The honesty and refreshing contact with other travelers is much more contact that you’ll make versus staying in a private apartment. Being a single retiree can get lonesome, and hostels make a good jumping off point for exploring the city before you commit to a long term stay. Obviously you’ll want to book an apartment if you’re staying 6 months to a year, but that first little while in a hostel is fantastic. You get a feel for the flavour of the city without a long term commitment.

Don’t get hung up about being too old either, I had no problems interacting and meeting people. There was one guy who was 60 plus, but he had no problems interacting with people. Obviously the closer to 20 something, the more you’ll have in common. Some other tips I’d have after 30 days in a hostel?

  • Bring earplugs
  • Bring a sleep mask
  • Prepare for early mornings where fellow travellers are getting ready to go
  • Prepare for late nights when you want to sleep but the party is still going on
  • Prepare to deal with pretentious people
  • Bring an open attitude

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