Retiring cheap from Canada means not losing all of the government benefits you’ve built up over the years. One of the key facts is that you can’t leave the country for more than 6 months consecutively a year. That’s why I put together a fun visa run guide to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas can be super expensive but you can have a great time for a minimum cost. Just follow my handy guide.

Getting there by plane, I took Allegiant. It’s a super no thrills cheap flight (they charge extra for everything from a carryon bag to priority boarding but you don’t have to buy those options) Flying out from Bellingham International airport  cost half of what it does from Vancouver. $189 for the flight return, taxes included.

To save some money I took a quick shuttle from the River Rock casino in Richmond. That cost $39 return to Bellingham. Renting a car was another more pricy option.

My hotel a few minutes off the strip was free from accumulated points. Ideally you’ll want to stay on the strip for cost and and convenience, but free hotel points makes it all worth while. Just make sure it’s close to the strip or downtown old Vegas.

Grabbing an Uber from the airport to the hotel was $12. Generally taking Uber is the best idea for cost saving in Las Vegas. All the hotels have designated Uber pick up spots.

Food in Vegas can be cheap, from $2.49 Nathan’s hotdogs at the Casino Royale to $5 for 20 McNuggets. The MyVegas app also allows you to accumulate points towards hotels, food and shows. There’s 4 of these MyVegas apps, download and play them for a while before you go to Vegas. I saved up enough to get several 2 for 1 buffets and sandwiches within 1 year. The best thing is you can play these free slots while you’re traveling in other parts of the world.

Another tip, is if you are married or can prove you share a house with your travel companion you can attend time share presentations. These 2 hour long, high pressure sales presentations are horribly boring but they give you free tickets and shows just for sitting through them.

Between all the free coupons and bonus points, my Vegas visa run  in total was pretty much just the cost of the airfare. 4 days of fun , shows and people watching all under $250! As you know my budget for 4 days is normally $60, so a Vegas visa run isn’t the cheapest option but it’s a great option for occasional fun.

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