Searching for the best countries to live, I wandered into Casa de la Luna in Medellin, Colombia. It was like nowhere I’ve ever lived.  I’ve only felt so much paranormal activity in one other place in the world(A shady hotel in Bangkok).

This 100 year old plus house has been converted into a bar/afterhours/hotel and reeks of hauntings. 

Unlike the place in Bangkok the spirits here felt benign so I paid the $7 a night to stay here for 30 days and 30 nights. 

There are also 3 cats who live on premises I took this as a positive sign. Cats are my spirit totem. And at $7 a night…who’s afraid of some ghosts…..(cue theme song)

Living in a place advertised as a bar between Tuesday and Saturday, meant that anywhere between Tuesday and Saturday anything could happen. Some of those things were actually pretty cool. 

For example, an afterhours party went on till 9am in the morning. I loved it, everybody was super friendly and the music wasn’t too bad. It’s super cool to have parties, when you’re in the party mood. 

Some other super amazing things about living here? On Fridays the space was turned into a jam space for amateur musicians. And yes, it was truly as good as that statement entails. I’ve never truly appreciated tone, melody or the intricacies of music until I heard these musicians play. What they did to “Stairway to Heaven” was truly inspired.  I loved it when they would often play one song over and over. Each time slightly different. Are there anything better than amateur musicians? I got to bathe in their unique rendition of the Cranberries from a foreign language speaker. The only other time I really appreciated the difference of what a native speaker versus non-native hears was when I heard “Circle of Rife” at Hong Kong Disney. I also developed a new found respect  for sound engineers, because I got to really appreciate the grandness of over amplified microphone squeals. 

How were the living conditions? The water at Casa de Luna was always a nice brisk chilly cold. So, you never have to worry about whether you are taking too long in the showers and therefore wasting water. Earth first! 

What also is fun, is roughly every 10 days they’d bring in a washing machine! You can do your laundry, which is a huge bonus. And the kitchen is great too! You get to become an expert of cooking on a camping stove! Keep in mind the use of the kitchen and the laundry, and shower are all included in the $7!

Do you like surprises? I’d be wandering around at night in my pajamas, making a protein shake and bam! Party happening! Isn’t that a fun surprise? Who doesn’t love surprises? I now truly relate to the classic song “Splish splash I was taking a bath……”(Although there are no baths here….see my note about the showers).

Living inside a bar, there’s little chance of sleeping if the music is blasting. I got a great joy in testing out how good my Jaybird wireless headphones were. Cranked full volume, I truly could not here the pounding music outside! Outstanding!

Also living in Casa de la luna, is also like living closely to nature. Open to the air, it’s wonderful for people who don’t mind living with bugs, and flys. I’m used to this from my stay in Asia, but you might not love it. A couple of bug bites never killed anybody!

If you’ve ever wanted to live in an afterhours bar, and party until you fall down, this is the space for you!

Don’t worry if you are worried that partying all night will make you sleep all day. The doorbell starts ringing at 9am in the morning, and it gets loud as people start working. You’ll be so productive! Asleep at 5am, up at 9am! I got a lot done……and again it was $7 a night…….

I lived in a haunted afterhours bars for 30 days while looking for the best country to retire cheap and survived!

Post script: Besides the eerie felings of being watched at times, and my occasional missing cheese from the fridge I never got to document any ghosts. I also suspect the cheese was being eaten by DJ Flaco, a kiwi who was also living here. 

Post post script : I would never stay here long term again, but Casa de la Luna is a great spot if you like to live in a chaotic environment. It will keep you young. Also the owners Alexandro and Ned were pretty great! 

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