Searching for the best country to retire cheap means getting around the city. Medellin isn’t a huge city, and it does have a bus system as well as a lrt/skytrain system.

I’ve found myself taking Uber and cabs around though, because they are are so cheap! 

A cab starts at 3000 Colombian pesos ($1.50 Cdn) and most rides around town cost $4 total. 

Uber is interesting here because you can choose an ENGLISH speaking driver or not. If you choose a regular Uber, the price is really similar to cabs (sometimes with surge pricing, a bit more expensive). If you choose the English option then the Uber will cost about 12000 Colombian Pesos vs 7000 for the same ride ($6 vs $3.50 Cdn).

How are the drivers? One interesting thing I ‘ve found here are that the cab drivers are all almost exclusively male, and speak Spanish only. 

The Uber drivers are 50/50 male/female, and even the Spanish drivers can speak a little English.

One time one of my drivers was actually, an airplane pilot who was just waiting for his papers for qualifications in Colombia!

Both cabs and uber are all over the place. The longest I’ve had to wait was 5 minutes for one.  In fact, sometimes they are so quick, by the time you book an Uber, get down the elevevator they are already there!

Both are efficient here, but if you are just grabbing a random cab, they will sometimes refuse to drive you to a destination. They just don’t want to go there for some reason. I don’t know why cabs do this, but I’ve seen it happen everywhere in Edmonton, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Kind of odd but not crazy. One thing that is nice, is that you don’t have to fight with cabs to have the meter turned on like you do in Thailand. If you are going to use Uber, feel free to use my code for free rides: 5pqae

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