Meeting new people around the world is part of the charm of wandering the globe looking for the best place to retire cheap. People ask me all the time, what’s the most Canadian food to eat. I actually have to say, Alberta beef and Poutine.

Obviously wandering the world isn’t for everybody Are you ready?

But, if it is….you get to try some crazy good food….

I got to try the best version of Colombian poutine I’ve seen yet. Colombia has an odd way of putting strange things on fries.

I’ve seen cut up cocktail sausages (salchipapas), chicken wings, nuggets all thrown on some fries….then drenched in ranch sauce.

The best Colombian fries style dish I’ve seen yet was at Amelie’s in Cali.

A 8 seat restaurant nestled in a non descript alley, the best way to find it is to follow your nose.

They smoke the meat all day. 

The pork is a pork belly and the beef ribs are done like a brisket.

After the smoking they’ll chop it up fine, add some pickled onions and serve it in a cone of garlic fries.

To make it fun, you can get stabby chopsticks, or for the non adventurous a fork.

My first bite of this dish was amazing. The sweet rib meat, mixed with the crunchy juiciness of the pork belly and the tartness of the onions were all perfectly balanced by the the garlic fries.

Amelie only serves these fries cones, and they aren’t quick. It took roughly 30 minutes to get our cones. The reason for the long wait? They keep pulling smoked meat out, and serve it to you super hot. They don’t have it in a warmer….

Don’t underestimate the fries though. I know it’s the crazy rib/pork combo that is going to stick out in your mind, but the fries are perfect.

How can you tell if a fry is perfect BEFORE you eat it?

You listen for it. When they lower the fries into the oil, the crackling of the fryer tells you the whole story. Sharp, crisp and loud, the fries go in, and then come right out. Perfect. 

Only perfectly fried fries, could withstand the greases and juices of the meat. And by the end of my massive fry cone, they were starting to get limp.

How much is a 1400 calorie fry cone at Amelie’s? It’s 12000 COP ($6 CDN) with tip! If you’re in Cali check it out. Cali Review

If you do want to check out this little hole in the wall restaurant the best way is to head to el viajero hostel, and ask. I don’t think Amelie’s has a registered address or phone number.

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