Cali, Colombia is the Salsa capital of the world. And since group classes are free, at the hostel I’m staying at, I decide to give it a try.

Here’s the thing about free salsa lessons. They are free, and therefore it was packed with people! Don’t expect too much personal attention. (The last time I saw so much human meat packed into a room, I was at a swingers club in Vancouver.)

Salsa is surprisingly fun though. (And not a bad little workout) Here’s some tips I learned

  1.  There are some basic steps, once you master those you can start doing lots.
  2. Hips. They seem to move them a lot. And yes guys, you look ridiculous.
  3. I will never do this out in public. No way.
  4. I can’t turn left, just like Zoolander (see the movie). Seriously. I can’t. (I attribute this to never doing spinning back kicks from that side. Also being Zoolander)
  5. If you want to get good? Grab a partner, and get some private lessons. You can get them for roughly 300 000 COP ($150 CDN) for 10 hours.

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