What about Cali, Colombia? Is it the best country to retire cheap? How is the food? What’s to do? What does it cost? Can you live here for $1000 a month?

  1. Cali’s the Salsa capital of the world. You can learn to dance everywhere. There’s more dance schools in Cali than Starbucks in Vancouver.
  2. Seriously. Rule #1 is go to Cali to learn how to dance.
  3. Rule #2. Don’t go otherwise.
  4. Medellin is better than Cali in everyway, except for the dance aspect.
  5. Rule #3. When I say dance I mean Latin Dance. Medellin is better in every other form of dance than Cali. If you like electronic, Medellin, funk, Medellin, Goth, Medellin, 80’s? Medellin. People looked at me like I was “Muy loco” if I told them I didn’t like Latin music. They’d immediately ask “You don’t like music at all?”. For them Latin music is the whole sum of music. If Shakira isn’t singing it, and you can’t dance with a partner to a 8 beat count, it’s not “real music”
  6. Gyms. Cali doesn’t have the free park gyms like Medellin. If they do, it’s very rare and I didn’t spot any. It does have the cheap iron gyms (72 000 COP) $35 a month, and the fancy ones (150000 COP) $70 CDN. 
  7. Uber! It has Uber. So Yay!
  8. Cost. It’s about the cost of Medellin (read my one month summary).
  9. One cool thing I did see that I don’t believe exists in Medellin is couriered Medical drugs. You can call a doctor on the phone, and then have them write a prescription, and get a motorbike to courier it over. It’s cheap too!
  10. According to some people, Colombian guys and girls are hottest from Cali!

So, again. Go to Cali, if you LOVE Latin music. And want to dance Salsa Calena (a special style vs Salsa Cubana). Otherwise skip this city. Ranked by BestCountriesToRetireCheap.com as the second most unappealing and boring city in the world. #1 is still Kuala Lumpur. I hope this article helped you with your quest of finding the best country to retire cheap. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more tips and articles on finding the cheapest places to retire. And if you liked the article, please share on social media (I’d love it if you did!)