Salento is a little tourist town beside Armenia in Colombia. Can you live here for $1000 Canadian a month? 

The answer is yes. There are a ton of hostels here and a supermarket for food.

Costs of a bed in a hostel were $10 (20000 COP) a night. You can get a cute single room cabana for $20 (40000 COP) a night.

The supermarket has relatively the same prices as Cali, and Medellin. No extra “screw you” mark ups. Beers are $1 each (2000 COP)

Salento is small. You’ll be able to explore the whole city in a day. In many ways it reminds me of Banff in Canada. Picturesque with lots of nature.

The problem is that it is very isolated. The nearest town is Armenia and you have to take a jeep for an hour to get there. 

The wifi is spotty here, and there are no gyms. So…

I’d recommend visiting Salento for a week, but definitely don’t recommend retiring here. 

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