Can you retire in Quito, Ecuador for $1000 a month? Maybe you’ve read Huffington Post, or International living and heard that Ecuador is the best country to retire cheap? (Those type of articles are why I started my search). Perhaps you’re retired, retiring or a digital nomad? Is it really possible to live in Quito, Ecuador for $1000 Canadian a month? Here’s my detailed, no fluff, no garbage, not trying to sell you anything review with a cost breakdown.


Day 1: You’ll land in town. Getting from airport or bus station you’re going to need a cab. (How to take a cab in Quito) I arrived by bus from Colombia so my cab was $7 USD. (They use American dollars here, which is fantastic. Way easier then figuring out, the 38 000 Thailand Baht to a Canadian Dollar.) I took the cab to my boarding house.

For the next 30 days you’re going to need a place to call home. Personally I love, love, love AirBnB. (If you use AirBnB my code gives you a Air BNB $50 credit which goes a really long way in Ecuador. I found a place called the The blue door for $180USD a month. This place is fantastic. One of the best places I’ve lived in the world for cheap. It’s a large old house, with lots and lots of private rooms. I like living with other people, so it was perfect for me. (Shared kitchen & bathroom, but they have maids/cleaners/volunteers on site. “Why yes, I’ll have you do all my laundry for $1 USD a lb.) They also speak perfect English (a rarity in South America). The blue door is in Old town (aka quiet and residential). But it’s perfect for retirees that want a quieter life. For digital nomads, the Blue door has Fiber Optic WIFI! (Drool!)

The first thing I always look for when I show up in a new country is the closest gym. I find that the routine of having a gym really prevents me from Just drinking and partying all day. . There are several gyms in the area. The one I wound up at was the dirtiest oldest gym in the world, (you can see a video of it on @bestcountriestoretirecheap on Facebook or Instagram) but it did it’s job and it was $20 USD a month. Upscale gyms like Snap Fitness in Canada cost about $70 USD a month. 

After I’ve located the gym, I’ll usually go to the bar and grab a beer. Beers are sold at the grocery store for $1 USD each and in most bars for about $2 USD. Whoop Whoop!

Eating out was roughly $4 USD a meal. You can grab a coffee and a humita for $2 USD for breakfast.
Humita’s taste like cornbread and are delicous with Ecuadorian coffee.

For groceries, I bought a months worth of food for $90 USD. That was 20 lbs of meat (chicken breast, striploin, tuna steaks) pasta, vegetables and bread.

How much was it in total to live in Quito, Ecuador for the month?

  • Apartment $180
  • Food $90
  • Gym $20

That’s a total fixed cost of $290 a month. Yes. $290USD a month.

The rest of your $1000 CDN is now up to you to spend. Do you drink a lot? Smoke (it’s about $5 CDN a pack versus the super cheap LINK TO SMOKES IN ASIA)? Party?

LINK TO PARTYING IN MEDELLIN? Spend a lot on health insurance? Need to go out a lot? If you’re doing your research on LINK TO THE BEST COUNTRIES TO RETIRE CHEAP ARCHIVES then you know it’s all going to depend on your personal lifestyle.

You can definitely live in Quito, Ecuador for $1000 Canadian a month. It’s great! Hope you come check it out. I hope this article helped you with your quest of finding the best country to retire cheap. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more tips and articles on finding the cheapest places to retire. And if you liked the article, please share on social media (I’d love it if you did!)