I’ve traveled the world  looking for the best place to retire cheap, so I’ve wound up seeing a lot of customs forms. The one from Ecuador is the craziest I’ve ever seen. Luckily I didn’t have to fill it in because I took the bus in from Colombia. If you take the plane you’re filling one in.

The main reason for the customs forms is to prevent tax fraud. 

Be warned. Ecuador is very expensive for electronics. And behind the times. As of this writing , July 10, 2017 the IPhone 8 is about to be released. In Quito, Ecuador they are selling the IPhone 6 still at $1200 USD.

The current price for an iPhone 6 in America is $750 USD for a fully loaded one. 

So you can make money just bringing in high tech items and re-selling them. They obviously don’t want you doing that. So, if you’re coming to Ecuador. Careful of how many gadgets you bring. And make sure they are used, not new, or new looking.