One thing I learned in South America that there are things called language exchanges. They’re great for meeting a whole bunch of new people quickly. Travelling the world looking for the best countries to retire cheap can be lonely at times. You see all these great sites, but it’s usually by yourself. It’s nice to meet new friends.  You might be researching if you’re ready to go to a new country

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and language exchanges are a great way to meet new people who have similar views and questions as you.

When I was in Medellin, Colombia I discovered the magic of language exchanges. Basically, you show up, and there are a whole bunch of people working on their language skills. I’m desperately looking to learn Spanish, so it was perfect. I’ve seen language exchanges all over South America some are good, and some not so good.

Usually there’s no cover or charge, and I’ve seen them held in bars and restaurants. The best part is that you have all these people who want to practice their English skills as well.

I love these events, and got a chance to talk to one of the people who take the time to organize these events.

James Varriale is an affable man, with a great smile who spent some time, answering my questions.


“I host Language Exchange and “Cultural Fusion” events in Medellin mainly because it’s a lot of fun and it keeps me busy — which is an important consideration when you’re retired. In addition, I’ve met bright and curious people from around the world so its a good way to stay connected to new ideas and to other ways of thinking. I’ve been hosting events for the past two and half years and I guess the hardest part is coming up with new venues when, for one reason or another, I decide to make some changes in order to keep things fresh. “Medellin ENGLISH – SPANISH Events” (the name of my group) now has over 14,000 members across a variety of social media platforms with Facebook being the most populated group. I’m always looking for new event ideas which both interest me and what I suspect will interest others as well.”

If you’re in Medellin, here’s a link to the event.  Language exchange in Medellin

I hope this article helps you get out there and meet new people. Searching the world for the best countries to retire cheap, means diving into the culture unless you want to be come a hermit in your new home. It reminds me of this guy, who just spent all his time at home in his new country, and being lonely. Hot pussy & Cold Beer

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