Today, I realized that I had gotten sneakily gotten lonely while travelling. How did this happen? I’ve met so many people since I started this year’s tour of the best countries to retire cheap. Some great ones, some boring ones and some that’ll I’ve never forget.

But since I haven’t been home since April 4, 2017 (Edmonton, Alberta)…it does sometimes start sneaking up on you. Maybe it’s when I’m eating a menu del dias in Ecuador ($3 for a protein, a soup, a drink and beans), and thinking….I loved eating this day one…but now….I would love some sushi.

It’s like whattttt?!! How does this even happen? I’m not complaining. I’m super duper lucky to be able to travel the world, write about it for you to read How I make money

One moment I’m watching this crazy sunset, with a beer in my hand….and boom I’m missing home. I’m wishing I could share this magnificent moment with my magnificent friends. Then I shrug it off, and finish my beer. (I’m no girly man with emotions. Said in my best Schwarzenegger voice).

I find when I’m travelling for long times, even though I have Facebook, it’s not quite the same as actually being home.  And even though I’m an emotionless cyborg, I think those little moments of missing home build up. Just having a little break from constant travelling is nice. I wasn’t planning on being home for at least a year (plane tickets to Edmonton, Alberta aren’t cheap from Ecuador…on average $1000 return). But I think 6 months a year of being not at home, is my happy spot.

Why did I write this article? Just to let you know, one fact. 

If you’re going to look for the best country in the world to retire, (like I’m doing) you might also be hit with the odd case  of the lonelies. (Even though you’re surrounded by awesome new friends).
Other digital nomads I’ve talked to, or messaged has told me it has happened to them too. Some of their strategies of dealing with it?

  • Make new friends
  • Take the time to write (even if it’s just a journal for yourself)
  • Call your friends

I do all that but I also find myself sometimes spiralling into destructive behaviours

  • Drinking way too much $7 booze
  • Partying until 6am in the morning
  • Skipping the gym, and language training because I’m way too hung over

One thing, that I find helps? 

Knowing that even though, I’m far far away, adventures my friends will always be there! 

Bonus tip?

  • Eating Pizza Hut. I go to a Pizza Hut, with my kindle and it’s kinda like being home just a little bit. Or I go looking for a a giant buffet

Seriously….my poor abs! See you soon friends!

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