Preparing for a 6 month trip to Asia, especially if it’s your first one can be fun but are you ready? I’m returning to Asia in March to continue my search for the best countries to retire cheap in 2018. Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur are all on my radar. I’ve been to some of those countries several times LINK BANGKOK IS IT THE BEST PLACE TO RETIRE CHEAP and others I’ve never been to.

Preparing for a long trip to Asia, requires a lot of pre-planning. Here’s a checklist for you.

  1. Do you have a passport copy? Take a photo of your passport page. If you lose it you’re going to want to be able to quickly have an online copy available to prove who you are LINK LOST YOUR PASSPORT?
  2. Do you have all your supplements, vitamins and such? I workout a lot, so I like having creatine, bcaa’s and protein powder. You might want to make sure all of your medicine is fully stocked as well. Protein is available in Asia, but it’s super expensive. Think 3X the price.
  3. Bank cards and credit cards: Have you let your bank and credit cards know you’re going to be travelling? They like to say that you don’t have to notify them. I’ve found out the hard way, that’s not true. Loss prevention will flag your card for “unusual activity” and lock you down.
  4. Cash. Cash is king. Bring emergency cash. I had a bank machine in Thailand eat my card once. Remember you’re in a different country and most of your purchases (except fancy restaurants, hotels) are cash only. Don’t buy the currency in your home country. I take money out at ATMS when I get to the country. Having emergency cash though, has saved my digital nomad butt a whole bunch of times
  5. Luggage? Have you tested your luggage? Is it good to go ? LINK BONUS TIPS FOR TRAVEL
  6. Electronics: You can buy a travel charger from Amazon, or wait till you get to the countries you’re going to. I also recommend a power bar with a surge protector. The shady electricity in developing countries can cause brownouts that destroy your plugged in phone.

This is my personal checklist, and I use it every time I go for a trip to find the best places to retire cheap. If you want more articles here’s a great link to start! LINK BEST PLACE TO START YOUR JOURNEY

See you all in Asia, and if you have any questions. Feel free to message me!