Hello, fans of BestCountriesToRetireCheap.com, hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be showing you all a few tips I’ve learned from travelling as a digital nomad.

  1. Budget! As you know, the goal of this blog is to find a country to retire for $1000 CDN a month. Some of my readers have retired, some are saving up and some are planning to work while they travel cheap. I’ve found that using a budgeting app, has really helped. When you’re traveling it’s super easy to blow big chunks of cash, when having a night out. When a beer is $2 and meals are $1, it makes a night out super cheap, but enough nights and it’ll drain your budget. I plan $15 a day for food/fun.

2. Travel Planning! I found myself constantly trying to figure out when is my VISA due, and when I have to fly to the next country. I’m using an app called Countdown to keep track of how many days I have left in each country. It’s a self managed app, so if you change your mind and want to stay in a country for a few more days, you can easily change your countdown.

3.Passport photos: When you’re getting a new passport, grab a few more photos to take with you. A lot of countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, require passport photos even if you can get a Visa on Arrival. So buy a 12 pack of photos.

4.Cash is king. I don’t know when I ever carried more than $50 on me in cash in North America. But in a lot of the countries you’re going to, it’s still a cash only society. So, bring cash, and let your bank know you’ll be using foreign ATMS. (If you don’t let them know, they might freeze your bank account because of suspicious activity ).

5.Travel agent. If you are going to be going on long trips, use a real travel agent. One that one you can trust to help you out of binds. Even though it’s cheap and easy to book your own flights, having a travel agents you can call/Facebook/SOS is a great tip. I like Chantelle at Travelling the C’s (she’s not paying me for this plug, I just know if I’m stuck in a foreign country I can count on her to make phone calls from Canada for me.)

At the end of the day, traveling is great, but if you do a little pre-planning, you’ll save yourself time, money and headaches!