We all know that taking taxi’s in general are for suckers. (I’m not saying all taxi cab drivers are thieves who will try and pump the meter, but unfortunately more often than not they are. )

Uber, Grab, Lyft and other ride sharing services all grew to existence out of the need for reliable cheap transport.

I’ve used them ride sharing services all over the world, and love them.

That’s why I was super disappointed to hear that UBER has pulled out of South East Asia.

This leaves pretty much GRAB as the only game in

This article is actually about a GRAB scam that you’ll see at the airport.

Imagine you’re just getting off of the plane, probably pretty tired, and just wanting to get to your hotel.

You, being the savvy reader of BestCountriesToRetireCheap.com already know, not to just take a taxi.

And that booking a ride sharing service is the way to go.

This usually means, going and getting wifi, or a data card for your phone. (A bit of a pain, and you know it’s going to be expensive at the airport.)

Lo, and behold, there are a dozen uniformed GRAB drivers waiting at the airport, ready to go!

“Perfect!” you think. No need to buy a phone card yet.

They approach you, and ask if you want a GRAB. You know that GRAB is the ride sharing service in South East Asia, and were going to use them anyway, so this is perfect!

They show you the app on their phone and you punch in the address. The price comes up. And that’s the rate you get.

Here’s where the scam comes in. These are REAL GRAB drivers. The APP is fake. They have a lookalike App that they show you on THEIR phone.

It mimics the real GRAB app, but instead of giving you the real price, it charges 3 times the rate. (Like a calculator that gives the wrong info).

You being brand new and having no idea how much it should really cost fall for the doctored price and another sucker is born.

How to avoid this scam? Just make sure you always use the app on YOUR phone and don’t just let a waiting driver flag you down.

Hope this travel tip helps you on your search for the best countries to retire cheap in. PS…Right now I’m loving Saigon! Scams suck, but Saigon is amazing!

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