Hiya! Here’s the question of the day. Should you pay more if you’re a tourist?

This cruise for example is $2 for locals and $6 for foreigners.

I personally hate two tier pricing. I think it actually hurts the local economy. If tourists know they are being ripped off versus the locals, they’ll stop coming (This has started in Thailand). Two tier pricing is an economic mugging.

There are people though, (other tourists/expats/nomads) who disagree. They have several arguments in favor of two pier pricing

  • We can afford it! (Soooo….)
  • Locals make less, so you should pay more (Wait, how do you know what every foreigner makes?)
  • It’s $3 more. Who cares? ($5 is what I spend for food for the day…so yeah I care)
  • When you pay more you are supporting the local economy. (When I pay for anything I support the economy. By charging me more, I don’t participate.)
  • Locals pay into the economy through taxes so this is your portion of the tax. (I have to pay for my own healthcare when I come, and pay all the same sales taxes)

The majority of these arguments boil down to one thing.

“You’re rich. You owe it.”

Sorry. But I’m not. I write BestCountriesToRetireCheap.com because I want to find the best country to retire cheap in. I make $1000 CDN a month. Yes, it’s more than a sweat shop worker with 7 children. But I’m not going to apologize that I have no children.

I love South East Asia, but some things about it suck. Two tier pricing is one of them (Taxis are another).

For me? I’ll skip that river cruise till they do charge the same rate for foreigners and locals to thrive. Viva La Revolution!

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