Travel blogging is suppppeeerrr tough work, flying to exotic locations, eating delicious food and then blogging about it.(hehehhee). The quest was to find the BEST oyster bar in Saigon. Did I succeed? Read more fans!

Kau Ba Oyster bar is a brand new oyster bar in Saigon. Above a seedy Japanese Karaoke bar in District 1, I had a hard time actually locating the space, but once I found it I was glad to go in. It’s all the way at the top of a multistory building. (Tip: If you’re cabbing to it just type in Kau Ba into the GRAB app). Here’s the contact info (also they did not pay me for this review in any way).

Why did I go there? I heard that there was an all you can eat oyster buffet! I’ve travelled far and wide and while I’ve had oysters at buffets, I’ve never gone to an oyster buffet.

I love oysters, and the thought of an all you can eat place with a variety of ways to eat oysters is exactly what this blogger needed.

How were they though? From the minute I stepped in, I loved it.

The staff spoke English fluently, and had no problems answering any of my questions. (It helps that Talor the bar manager was from New Orleans).

My first question when I’m eating fancy pants oysters is always, “where are these oyster from?” The answer was Ha Long Bay, in the North East of Vietnam it’s known for it’s emerald waters and thousand of towering limestone islands.

Kau Ba Oyster bar, has more than oysters on it’s menu, but hey, if you go to an oyster bar and eat anything but oysters, you are mucho loco.

Ordering in batches of six, I went through their entire oyster buffet selection. (I did have help though).

What are the highlights?

Oysters in the half shell: Obviously these were a must try. They come several ways. With cocktail sauce, with butter, with scallions. All of them are good.

Oysters with shrimp roe and a raw quail egg: Served in a shot glass. Delicious. The smooth taste of the oyster, blends well with the creamy quail egg. The shrimp roe give it a satisfying crunch as well.

Oysters with flame grilled cheese. I love grilled oysters, but if you go to a buffet, normally they are cold and gross. Not here. It’s grilled as you order. (Tip: If you order the grilled dishes, order a raw dish at the same time, the timing works well). The grilled oysters with cheese are probably worth going to this bar by themselves. The cheese is real, not processed, and it’s good! Asia is not known for it’s cheese, so it’s really nice to get some while I was in Vietnam.

The whole buffet menu is here. By the way it’s $395k ($23 CDN)for this experience .

Besides stuffing myself with oysters. They had fantastic drink specials.

They give you the option of a shot and a beer for 50,000 Dong ($4 CDN)! This is a fantastic deal, because most of the bars within spitting distance are 50,000 dong for just the beer. (In a fancy oyster place. I’d imagine a minimum price of 100,000 dong per beer.)

I think I might try the Deluxe Bloody Mary next time, but this first time it was shots of house whiskey and Heineken for me. (Odd fact…they charge 100 000k if you want draft vs 50 000 for the can?)

This is the best meal I’ve had in Saigon, Vietnam. If you come to Saigon to visit me I’m bringing you here!

The bill for 3 people, with tip and tax was roughly 500,000 k ($25 CDN). This was with 10 shots and 10 beers that we split. Also if you look at the photo you can see that I only paid 290,000. That wasn’t because I was going to write this review, but because they had a grand opening special. (Funny note, they charged us 6000 dong (30 cents CDN) for wet wipes. Lol!)

Is this the best oyster bar in Saigon?

I haven’t been to every one in this city of food, but I can guarantee you that if you love oysters, you’ll love this place. First class all the way, and reason #4345 to travel and find the best countries to retire cheap. If you want more articles on food? Check out my blog here. LINK TO TRAVEL BLOG ARTICLES